August meeting – “Genealogy on the Go….”

By | August 27, 2012

The August meeting of the JCOGS brought myself in front of the group to discuss the advantages of using today’s technology in our genealogy research. Many tech devices were discussed including the use of laptops, netbooks and now the rapid growing use of today’s smartphones and tablets. The presentation led into the use of digital phones and mobile scanners that many researchers are taking with them when they are on the genealogy train to the courthouses and libraries. Also, I showed what may be in store for the future of genealogy research and how going mobile may just mean staying at home and researching the records that are rapidly becoming available online at and FamilySearch. I showed how I currently take advantage of “cloud storage” to store and access all my genealogical information not only from my laptop and netbook (when going mobile), but also the ability to access this information on my smartphone and anywhere I can gain access to the internet.