Daily Archives: December 21, 2012

Avoiding the Inevitable Crash

All computers and other electronic devices, no matter how technologically advanced, will at some point in time crash and cease functioning. The point at which that happens is determined by immutable physical laws but may be accelerated by environmental issues as well as by the simple passage of time. Since hardware crashes are inevitable, from… Read More »

FamilySearch Adds Large Updates to New York Land Records and New Czech Republic Church Books Collections

FamilySearch added an additional 16.8 million new, free indexed records and images this week to its collection. Notable additions include the 8,129,310 records for the New York, United States, Land Records from 1630-1975, the 1,430,177 added to the new Czech Republic Church Books collection from 1552-1948, and the 749,109 added to the Quebec, Canada, Notarial Records collection… Read More »

Carole Wilson

Carole Wilson, 55, of Jackson passed away Thursday, December 20, 2012 at the Holzer Medical Center of Jackson. She was born in Bowling Green, Ohio on February 8, 1957 to Richard and Rhea Shumacher Shupe. She was very active in the Vocal and Bell Choir in the Presbyterian Church, loved signing with Elaine Milliken and… Read More »