The Jackson Community Civil War 150 Committee meet

By | November 13, 2012
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The Jackson Community Civil War 150 Committee met on Thursday, Nov. 8, after several months away but with much happening during that time without the large group meeting. Chairman Wilbur McCormick expressed thanks to all for coming and called on several present for reports for activities they had been working on during this time.

The float that was designed and created by the JC’s has been in two Fall parades in addition to the two Apple Festival Parades and is scheduled to be in two Christmas parades beginning with the Jingle Bell Parade on November 17 in Waverly. The JC’s are greatly appreciated for their work on the float as well as choosing the Civil War theme for the festival that helped created great interest in the events leading up to next year’s Morgan’s Raid and Encampment planned for the weekend of August 16-18, 2013.

Discussion was held regarding the statewide Morgan’s Trial signs an! d whether one was available for the Berlin location. More information is needed about this and there is evidence that this battle may have been Morgan’s 1st battle in his raid through Ohio. State authorities will be questioned about a marker for this location.

Chip Smalley, chair of the Morgan’s Raid weekend reported on the event overall. There have been some visitations to other reenactment events throughout the area for learning what we need to do here and one definite need with the raid uptown is to have enough Cavalry (horse soldiers) for the raid to be a success.

Chip has also met with the owner of the land where the encampment is planned and is working on legal papers. Insurance is covered for the event through the Jackson Historical Society. Also, a sound system has been provided for the event.

Communications have now sent out registration packets to seven units throughout Ohio and one to Michigan. These packets have been requested by the units and more have expr! essed interest, some asking for information in January as that is when they make their decisions for where they will travel.

Chris Callahan has taken on the task of overseeing the grounds and is getting prices on tents, port-a-potties, and looking into getting water, firewood has been donated and other needs for the encampment are being checked on. Also mentioned was food vendors, health department, etc. that will need to be contacted.

Ron Salmons reported on some of the findings he has made in the Berlin Battle area. He has done some very interesting work with artifacts that he has found from the Civil War era.

Kit Dailey reported on a project that she and some artist friends of hers are willing to do that will be displayed in the upper floor windows of downtown businesses. It sounds like a very exciting project and the committee looks forward to seeing this happening.

Congratulations were given to the ladies of the Garden Lovers Club for their beautification award ! from the Chamber of Commerce for the work done in the McKinley Park. They reported that this week they were planting 1500 bulbs that would be producing shades of pink and white blooms in the spring.

The next Community meeting will be January 10, 2013, 6:30 pm at the Fire Department Annex.