Commissioners re-name creek in honor of George Crookham

By | November 9, 2012
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One Jackson County creek has a new, old name.

The Jackson County Commissioners, at the suggestion of Jackson Historical Society Trustee Michael Stroth, voted to re-designate a small creek around Jackson to its original name – Crookham’s Run.

The creek headwaters are located on the former property of George Crookham, a salt boiler, teacher, and scientist, who founded the first college (Jack Oak College) in the region.

The creek flows into the City of Jackson, where it empties into Little Salt Creek, along Wood Avenue on the north side of the city.

Another interesting note concerning Crookham, his most famous pupil was John Wesley Powell, who is regarded as the second most important explorer in American history behind only Lewis and Clark.

“As important as George Crookham was, there wasn’t one thing here in Jackson with his name attached to it,” explained Stroth.

He said the creek was once called “Crookham’s Run,” but lost the name sometime ago and had remained un-named since.

“There is a precedent, it was named that,” Stroth explained, referencing an article in a 1917 edition of (The Jackson) Standard Journal.

“I don’t know how that happened, but a lot of places sometime during the 20th Century, just changed names.”

The commissioners also passed a resolution of support for the Historical Society’s plan to purchase nearly five acres of land adjacent to the Leo Petroglyph State Park.

The land in question is located near where new water lines were recently installed, opening up the possibility for future development, and it would also provide parking space for special events held at the park.

The Historical Society will use the resolution of support from the commissioners, as well as one from the Jackson Township Trustees, to apply for a grant to assist with purchase of the property.