Wellston ends cemetery Perpetual Care payments

By | July 14, 2012
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For many years, the City of Wellston has collected a Perpetual Care fee of $50 for every two grave lot and $30 per grave for each additional grave on the lot. With passage of Ordinance No. 4138 during the Wellston Council meeting of July 5, 2012, Perpetual Care Fees will no longer be collected.

The issue has been the Perpetual Care Fund has been building over the years, but the city cannot touch that money, just the interest from it.

Ordinance No. 4138 amended the original ordinance and eliminated all reference to the Perpetual Care fee.

The only other change to the legislation is the cost of grave spaces increased to $550 from $500.

Also in regards to the cemetery, Resolution No. 1465 received a first reading and if adopted after two more readings will authorize the mayor to enter into an agreement with the Keep Wellston Beautiful Committee through Tammy Phillips and Betsy Fain who will make repairs and improvements to the T.J. Morgan Mausoleum. The ladies will be volunteers and there will be no costs or liabilities to the city as a result of the work.

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