Family Tree Update

By | January 23, 2013
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Have you tried Family Tree? They upgraded some of the features that are available. These updates are part of their ongoing efforts to improve the experiences for Family Tree users and will be releasing soon.

Adding the Helper Feature

Family history consultants will now be able to have online access to the FamilySearch account of the individual they are helping. This access feature allows consultants to login to a user’s account and work with the user directly, helping them with their questions about Family Tree. This feature is available only for those who have an active FamilySearch account.

Delete and Restore Individual

Users will be able to delete an individual and then restore them back to the Family Tree again if a user finds that they have accidently removed someone they shouldn’t have. Detailed instructions will be available to show users how this task is done.

Request Individual Ordinances

Users will be able to request ordinances for an individual directly from their personal page rather than from the family grouping on main tree page.

Match Merge Features

Match Merge updates will allow users to view a list of individuals who are Not a Match so that users can review their records individually. It will also allow users to switch records back and forth from the left and right side of the page. If a merge fails, specific error messages will appear providing information on why the merge could not complete the merge and what to do. While Family Tree is sharing data with there will be some requirements for some persons to be on the left side and will not be switchable.

Print Forms

Family Tree will allow users to print their family group records and their pedigree charts in a PDF format.

Family Tree is a replacement for what was Access to will be discontinued for all users in the near future.

Training for these new features will be available by clicking or by clicking  the Help link on the homepage and clicking the Tree Help link.