Coalton Historical Society opens time capsule

By | May 1, 2013
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COALTON— The folks that showed up at the 50th annual Coalton Historical Society meeting and banquet Thursday evening were in for a treat as they got to take a glimpse into the past.

The Coalton Historical Society held their annual meeting and banquet on Thursday, April 25 at the James A. Rhodes Building in Coalton.

Not only was it the 50th annual meeting, but this year the Historical Society decided to open and reveal the contents of a time capsule from the old Coalton School.

The time capsule was found in the cornerstone of the old school building. Rick Buffington entrusted the Coalton Historical Society with the time capsule from the old Coalton School. He and his father, Keith Buffington, came into possession of it when they were doing the demolition of the building. It was believed that the capsule was put there when the school was being built.

The time capsule was actually opened and the contents revealed at a prior Coalton Historical Society meeting, which was held on Thursday, April 18. Coalton Historical Society President Jim Milliken told the Jackson County Times-Journal that it was opened prior to the banquet because of how it was sealed.

At the banquet, Milliken emptied the contents of the time capsule item by item. The first item pulled out of the capsule was a newspaper rolled in paper. Milliken was afraid to try and unroll the newspaper, but he was able to read that the newspaper was dated for November 11, 1916. That would make the capsule being put there 96 years ago.

There were two other newspapers, a Jackson Standard-Journal (dated December 25, 1912) and a Cincinnati Times Standard. Many old documents some dealing with school history and many old coins where also found in the capsule.

After Milliken presented all of the content of the capsule the contents were spread out on a table so that the crowd of fascinated onlookers could look at the contents up close.

The evening’s entertainment and speakers, as folks ate a homemade meal, were the Traveling Tea Ladies, Rebecca Nobile and Donna Brisker, as well as Abraham Lincoln impersonator, Bob Ervin. Also, there were old photos from the old Coalton School and other information from the old school on display at the evenings banquet.

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