Family Tree Service on is Coming to All Users

By | December 8, 2012

Within the next few months, FamilySearch will introduce Family Tree. The first of many updates planned for, Family Tree will bring collaborative web tools together with the resources of the world’s largest genealogy organization to create a free and engaging way to discover, preserve, and share your family history.

Watch a special introductory video that covers the basics of how Family Tree works.

Family Tree will enable you to:

  • Preserve family history information for future generations
  • Connect and collaborate with others on shared family lines
  • Discover what others have already found about your family lines
  • Show where information came from. You can even link to online photos and documents

Family Tree offers an easy way for everyone to work together on shared family lines. Family Tree is also integrated into the search feature on, so you can find records for the people in your family tree and attach the records as sources for those particular ancestors.

If you have questions about what Family Tree will be like or how it will work, you can visit a special training website that offers online courses, how-to videos, informational handouts, and step-by-step training.

Get started with Family Tree today by watching the introductory video or reading about it on the training website. Family Tree will be open to everyone and the more you learn about it now, the more ready you will be to take full advantage of this exciting new family history tool when it becomes available.